The rising cost of food is unavoidable.  There is nothing quite like watching the Gardenregister ring up a grocery bill and emptying your wallet onto the conveyor belt when living on a limited budget.  Eating local fresh produce sometimes gets a bad rap given the misconception that food raised on smaller local farms must be more expensive.  In short – it’s not.  Just check out your HM&F produce box and do a price comparison with your local retailers.  We recently compared the cost of our veggie box with the same items from a national chain and we were ~36% below what you would pay at that store.  That didn’t include other costs associated with long distance shipping, environmental concerns, and public health issues that come with large corporate farms – organic or conventional.  The cost of food from corporate farms in other states or countries can artificially make the cost seem lower than it really is.   

This past Saturday we purchased two Po-boys from a local retailer on Magazine Street and compared the cost to our Veggie-box.  The Po-boys provided one lunch for two people and the veggie box provides two people with enough produce for about a week.

HM&F Veggie-box                               Po-boys_____________________

Peaches                                                        1 Large Shrimp Dressed on French

Plums                                                            1 Large Ham & Cheese Dressed on French


Sweet Corn

Creole Tomatoes

Long Green Eggplant

New Potatoes

Brown Jasmine Rice

Baby Bella Mushrooms

Green Bell Peppers



Total Cost: $25.00                                Total Cost: $25.07