Summer has arrived — its official not only with the sweltering heat but also what’s in season. This past Saturday we were able to provide you with 3 fruits in the box: blueberries, peaches, & plums! This coming week you can look forward to the possibility of nectarines. Summer isn’t truly official without melons, pies, cooking outdoors, roasting corn, and sweet ice tea. So, in the celebration of summer this week’s recipe is a twist on an old classic: blueberry peach pie.

Like eggplant & citrus the peach also hails from Asia. Surprisingly is a distant relative of the almond! The peach traveled West along the silk road and was cultivated in Persia and along the Mediterranean. Its genus species name (Prunus persica) suggests that it originated in Persia but historical accounts have shown that the Persians brought the peach with them from China. The peach first appeared in America in the 17th century. Peaches were not in commercial  production until the mid-19th century.

The nectarine is a cultivar of the peach and has been referred to as a ‘peach with plum skin.’ Not much is known about the history nectarine but what is known is that it quite possibly existed long before the peach.

The mystique of the peach has its place in many cultures, in China the peach symbolizes longevity and possible immortality.  In Vietnamese culture it symbolizes peace and happiness. Its many amorous qualities may have something to do with it nutritional content which has protein, potassium, and vitamin C.

So all that nutritional goodness could be reason enough to enjoy that sweet tempting dessert: the blueberry peach pie.

Recipe:Blueberry Peach Pie

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