This past Saturday if you happened to stop by the Market chances are you had a chance to sample something very different: a red bean & rice cake. The red bean & rice cake was a serendipitous accident that Ashley Locklear had while trying to perfect the original intention: a chilled red bean & rice salad. After preparing the beans and chopping all the other ingredients for the recipe the realization came when checking on the rice — too moist, too sticky, and in a city who is proud their rice cooking abilities this is a giant blunder. Instead of scrapping the whole recipe and the ingredients (what a waste!), the idea came to shape them into patties and serve with a Remoulade sauce. Necessity is truly the mother of invention or really a lack of money to recreate the whole thing and being wasteful.

So you can download the original recipe below which is for the red beans and rice salad, it includes at least 4 ingredients that were in your Buyers’ Club box. Just remember if your popcorn rice is little sticky after cooking save yourself some time and shape the concoction into patties and lightly coat a hot iron skillet with a few drops of oil then throw those little patties in until they create their own little crisp crust.

Recipe for Week 17:


Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 2.7.09


Maybe you’ve noticed that your rice smells, well,  a little different this week? That’s because this week your box contained Campbell Farms‘ delicious popcorn rice, which, true to name, smells like freshly popped popcorn! A few months back I made one of their recipes, that of popcorn rice pudding, which was incredibly tasty. Like many of you, I can’t stand the idea of putting whole eggs in my food (trying to keep my weight down!) and I have found that Campbell Farms’ recipes are just as good with egg whites, as they are with whole eggs. If dessert isn’t your thing, try the fried rice recipe below.  I recently made this recipe and added in some chopped portabella mushrooms, diced tomato, and Thai chili sauce. The nutty flavor of the rice really adds something special to a traditional, simple recipe.

Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 1.24.09

Recipe:  Campbell Farms’ Fried Popcorn Rice

Despite the uncomfortable cold temperatures, you may have noticed the staff of Hollygrove Market & Farm grilling cabbage rolls and root vegetables outside of the store during distribution. Ashley Locklear’s cabbage rolls might give you inspiration to use your cabbage, which has frequently shown up in produce boxes lately, in a new way. Check out her recipe below, and a “Guide to Your Greens” Ashley put together for Buyers’ Club members.

A special thanks goes to all of our great volunteers we had this Saturday, we had a great time getting to know all of you while bagging arugula and other yummy greens.  If you’d like to get to know other Buyers’ Club members and get involved in a community revitalization project, please email me at and I’ll let you know how to get involved!

Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 1.17.09

Recipe: Guide to Your Greens and Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

If you came to Buyers’ Club distribution last Saturday, there’s a good chance you were able to sample more of Ashley Locklear’s great cooking. Samples went fast, so if you didn’t try her strawberry pie or potato salad, not to worry. The recipes are posted below and both make use of multiple items found in your box last week.


Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 1.10.09

Recipe: White Sweet Potato Salad & Strawberry Pie

If you have some extra moments at your desk today, check out the great segment on last week’s (December 26th) episode of Steppin’ Out in which food columnist and activist Poppy Tooker gives Hollygrove Market & Farm, and New Orleans Food & Farm Network’s new Executive Director, Daphne Derven, a glowing review. Check out the segment here, and let us know what you think!

If you visited the store this Saturday to pick up a produce box chances are you sampled two amazing soups and coleslaw made by Ashley Locklear, our farmer coordinator. Both soups use items in your box this week, and will make a great addition to your holiday menu.

As a reminder, we will not be holding distribution on Saturday, December 27th. We will be back on Saturday, January 3rd, though. It’s not too early to reserve a box!

Recipes: Lousiana Hydro Tomato Soup & Mushroom Soup

Map: Map for 12.20.08

This is a spoof on Star Wars that addresses the importance of sustainable agriculture over some more conventional efforts. It is wildly humorous and possibly a bit educational. Enjoy!