Recently some of the staff at HGM&F, Ashley Locklear & John Burns, have been reading about Tassajara cooking. Tassajara cooking is based on Zen Buddhist views of being mindful in both actions and thought while applying it to every step of the cooking process. Tassajara is the work of Edward Espe Brown who in the early 70’s published a few notable cookbooks however he refers to them as guides, “the skeletal framework.  You must fill in the flesh according to your own nature and desire. Your life, your love, will bring these words into full creation. This cannot be taught. You already know it. So please cook, love, feel, and create.”

“We need more cooks, not more cookbooks.” -Charles W. Brooks.

Tassajara Cooking and Little Nell in Colorado help shape and inspire the simple ans easy recipe this week; it’s also cheap roasting chickens stuffed with lemons, mushrooms, and fresh herbs. It also puts to good use the fava beans that have been making an appearance in your box over the past few weeks with a fava bean and radish salad. Hope you enjoy this delicious recipe as much as we did.

Week 27 Recipe: Lemon & Garlic Chicken

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