Recently I had the opportunity to meet and work with Kryss Statho of visionCrescent Lotus Dance Studio. The studio, located in the Claiborne University neighborhood, offers a variety of dance classes including belly-dancing, salsa, and burlesque. Kryss is both a member of the Buyers’ Club and a HM&F volunteer, and after a little conversing we both realized that dancing and vegetables have more in common than you might think! If I’ve learned anything from the many health and food related articles sent to my email everyday, it’s that healthy lifestyles changes are best kept when started small. Fitting in one or two dance classes a week, plus your weekly box of fruits & veggies may seem small, but the impact on your mind and body can really be amazing. If you are looking for a fun, expressive way to get healthier, give Crescent Lotus Dance Studio a look.

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