There have been some exciting changes to the store in our new year. We have currently changed the layout of the Buyers’ Club so our customers have more room to shop and enjoy themselves. With all this open space we started up a new twist on an old as well as missed favorite the Exchange Table has become the Produce Trade. The Produce Trade is located outside on Saturday’s under a green tent and is a meeting place where customers can trade their unwanted produce. We allow you to set the rules or you can use of rate of exchange which is posted and changes weekly.

veggie pileRecipes are back! Recipes are available to be copied, exchanged, and hopefully create open dialogue between us, our customers, and their love of food. Currently, the recipe swap is located in the right corner of the market (located near the Book Swap) where one can find tasty recipes from staff, neighbors, and friends as well as a sampling of prepared dishes each week to encourage the use of your weekly share of produce in new and exciting ways.

This week you may notice another change: our breads. Our breads and pastries will have their own pastry case made out of reclaimed materials. The reclaimed materials were purchased at a salvage store off of St. Claude in the Bywater/St. Roch area. The materials rang in at only $15 and consist of an old window frame and a two drawer dresser. The window frame and it is panes match up perfectly to the spacing of dresser drawers. Inspiration actually came from the pastry case at Huevos restaurant located on Banks St in Mid City. That particular pastry case is much more streamlined and to be honest never realized that it was made out of window frames either.  The pastries that fill the our case made fresh and “hand thrown thru & thru” by Palace Flophouse which currently operates a few days a week out of community kitchen.

More exciting news: this week you start purchasing bulk items from a small but hopefully growing supply. We will have scales, scoops, and bags available for to bring home some organic red beans, black beans, or long grain brown rice. As customers of the market we would like your input on how best to develop our store as comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can find our comment or suggestion box in the front of the store near the register.

Soon you may notice new additions that we allocated in our budget such as a register and scale. Not be followed too long after by a credit card machine which no doubts make the lines faster and easier on all parties. Shelving should start making an appearence in the new year and then with all your input we to start gradually adding inventory. We look forward to seeing you every Saturday and very soon we hope to see all of our supporters over the past year during the week as we get closer to opening our doors on a more regular basis.