roman_empireEvery week since starting the Buyers’ Club almost a year ago now we have continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Originally we started with a distribution of 25 CSA-style (community supported agriculture) boxes to close family & friends now on average we are putting together well over 200 boxes a week! The Market & Farm staff has learned a lot this past year ranging from the level of cooking skills while trying to remain dedicated to eating seasonally to reading endless books about the local urban homesteading movement the seems to know no bounds to sourcing awesome produce that is grown right here in our own city — mostly community plots are just right around the corner from where you live.

If there aren’t any community plots nearby then by all means do some research look up and around you because you have figs, bananas, payapas, and pears in season right now which very well maybe the edible type (do your research) and are right outside your window or waiting for you at that stop light on your morning drive to work. There is nothing more exciting than finding food; free food growing so close by.

This past week you had the pleasure of having two new items in the box: pears and limes. The some of those pears were sourced right here in the city just blocks away from the Market & Farm. The pears that you found in your box are ‘cooking’ pears but are actually perfectly good to eat out of hand as well — you maybe surprised to find that their firm texture kieffer pearhas no direct correlation to just how juicy they are.

The history of the pear dates back to ‘remotest antiquity’ according to some  quick research and actually the Romans are to be credited with the cultivation of pears. However, the Romans never ate raw pears but they stewed them with honey and to this day there is a classic recipe that is still very popular: Patina De Piris or Roman Pear Pudding.  Pears are native to coastal mild temperate climates and are harvested in the mid to late summer, maybe, a bit into early fall.

Pears are chucked full a vitamins like A, C, E, as well as, a few minerals like copper and potassium.  So, this week we have a recipe generously donated to us by one our citrus growers and while it may not use several items in your box from Saturday it certainly is tasty and will inspire you to use those pears.

Recipe: Savastano Pear Cake