This past Saturday you may have noticed a few flats of sprouted purple & green spindly little stems for sale on the lagniappe table. Those tiny little sprouts were purple radish and arugula microgreens which are easy to grow, highly nutritious,  great flavor intensity and are always served raw either in salads or as garnish; think: steak with the side of horseradish sauce garnished with purple radish microgreens for that extra kick of both nutrition and flavor punch.

Microgreens are grown right here in city by Nature’s Greenhouse, off of Magazine St., which also grows sprouts, shouts, and is also a landscaping business. Microgreens are the smallest possible versions of  salad greens (arugula, spinach, etc.), Herbs (fennel), edible flowers (chrysanthemum), and leafy veggies (beets). For the best ways to use microgreens check Green Cuisine for what flavors work with your main dish.

To grow your own micro-garden or sprouts/shoots check out this site to get your grow on.

Recipe: Simple Pea Salad