Everyone eats. . . 3 times or more a day. We usually don’t think about why we eat what we eat. Do we? Okay so may be that’s not true. We try to eat healthy based on news, media, commericals, morals, ethics, or myriad of other reasons. We do currently eat based on where the food comes from. My backyard? The neighbors? The tomatoes from the urban community plot? Why do we feel like those things are important?

Hollygrove Market & Farm staff and partners are currently trying to address and re-think the answer to these questions (and there are many more). What is important to the Hollygrove Market & Farm is our community and developing the community’s access to fresh local food resulting in a unique location: a working urban micro farm with a produce store at its center. HGM&F will also provide educational courses and programs ranging from gardening, marketing your backyard gardens, cooking, and promoting healthly lifestyles, to name a few.

This week if you had a chance to stop the market on Saturday we had Nat Turner of The School at Blair Grocery provide insight & excitement into vermiculture with Compost Tea demostration.  We also added Smith Creamery’s Dairy products to the front of providing access to fresh local foods and offered a few new items in your box such as: fava beans, kholrabi, lacinato kale, and swiss chard. The beautiful chard and kale were provided by an urban grower near Xaiver, Macon Fry and were the inspiration for the recipe in this weeks’ box.

Week 24 Recipe:  lasagne verdi

Week 24 Farmers & Map:  What you eat & from where