This past Saturday was a perfect Saturday–blue skies, temperate climate, and a few new items included in your weekly box. We had heirloom varieties of turnips and radishes, as well as, a mixed bunch of beets.

This past Friday, was the Vernal Equinox, the 1st (official) day of Spring! What this means is that the hours of daylight have increased because the Earth is tilted toward the Sun which also means it is the perfect time to plant your seedlings whether they are your Creole tomatoes to Clemson spineless okra. We are about to enjoy the bounty of Spring and during the next few weeks (especially the middle of April) you may start to notice some dramatic changes in your box.

Also this past weekend reminded some of the staff at Hollygrove Market & Farm that Sunday’s and Sunday Brunch are truly where its at! There is nothing like sleeping in on a Sunday, lazily reading the paper, enjoying your coffee, and brunch. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy what you have in your box and because of this reason (i.e. hedonism) that inspired your weekly recipe(s). Ashley Locklear created this a few Sundays ago while staring into the refrigerator lazy-eyed and uncaffeinated. ‘What am I gonna do with all this food?’ Answer: Get creative! Log into the New York Times’ and check out the recipes from the Minimalist Chef (who also help inspire the recipe). So what you have here is a few simple easy brunch ideas, of course, don’t forget the other side items: fresh squeezed blood orange juice, sauteed andouille, and whatever else may be on your mind and in your fridge.

Each and every week we try to get each item in quantity for the box and other times we might have few bins that rotate. Everything is subject to change based on availability and because of availability we ask that you take only the prescribed amounts for each item in each bin. When taking prescribed amounts of produce for your Buyers’ Club box be sure to check signage and doing so ensures that there is enough for everyone. If you would like to exchange one item for another please be sure to wait until you have reached the exchange table (at the end) and only exchange for items on that table. Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation!

Week 23 Recipes:  Glazed Strawberries & Beets & One Hardy Omelette

Week 22 Farms:   Map