The staff here at Hollygrove Market & Farm we pretty much live, eat, & breathe everything about food. Whether it is falling asleep reading seed catalogs, catching up on the Green News featured daily in the New York Times, or simply cooking, sampling, and cooking some more. We are always trying to reinvent old favorites and maybe come up with a few new ones (usually through a serendipitous accident)– all of which is based on at least four ingredients included in your weekly Buyers’ Club box.

A few weeks ago, some of the staff at Hollygrove Market had a chance to check out (finally) Cochon’s Butcher. Butcher has a awesome selection of cured meats as well as an impressive selection of sandwiches both of which you may not find anywhere else in the city proper. We purchased a few items: head cheese & a 1lb of andouille sausage. If you love classic New Orleanian foodstuffs as much as we do, then it should come as no surprise that the Baby Shiitakes added to a classic pot of  Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya enhances both flavor and texture– earthy smoky undertones. We strongly encourage you to try the recipe because believe me I can eat the classic New Orleans Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya every week until the day I die.

Also if you had chance to stop by the market on Saturday, the Master Gardeners we at it again! Even braved the rain! Soon a Spring planting will rocking out front–all of which will have an educational purpose.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came, conquered, and rocked out this past rainy Saturday!

Recipe: Smoky Jambalaya

Week 22 Map:

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