This past Saturday at the Hollygrove Market & Farm was quite an eventful day. We had the pleasure of having the Symphony BookFair for the second weekend in a row and what a great success it was!

The real action was created by the Master Gardeners who came and conquered the grounds out front of the store. These grounds are to be future garden beds that will have a few different themes such as, aromatic and texture qualities. The Mission of the Master Gardeners is to promote a love of gardening, a search for knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge with others is central to the program.

Master Gardeners enjoy the friendship of others who share their interests, to gain and share horticultural knowledge and to give back to the community through their volunteer commitment.

vintagegardenWe also had the pleasure of having the Vintage Garden Kitchen, which is a part of the Arc Enterprises, offer samples of delicious Tomato Bisque.  The Vintage Garden Kitchen prepares gourmet soup and other food products for wholesale and retail using vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown in their organic Vintage Garden as well as products from local farmers and grocers. The VGK’s chef, Leo Tandecki, creates all natural healthy soups which are made from scratch on a weekly basis and also caters to individuals with special dietary needs. For more information please check out VGK’s site.

This week, Ashley Locklear, created the Savory Mushroom Marinade which is quick, easy, and can be used in a variety of dishes. Don’t forget to check out sections Fresh and Taste if you any questions about how to store items or need to know the best way to prepare your produce.

Savory Marinated Mushrooms

Hollygrove Farmers Map: Week 21