bookfair This past weekend if you had a chance to stop   by the market you had the pleasure of devouring some literature with the Symphony Book Fair. The book fair featured a variety of cookbooks, history, children’s, and more; thanks to everyone who helped make it a huge success. The Symphony Book Fair will be joining us again this weekend!

Come, get your fresh vegetables and get your read on!

greensThanks to all of you who came by this weekend to get a box and helping to make Hollygrove Market such a great success. This past weekend you may have had the chance to sample some Reincarnated Tomatoes and No-bite Mustard Greens. These recipes include at least 4 items in your weekly box and a few other items you can find around your kitchen. The inspirations for these recipes comes from everything Southern. Try taking advantage of some items you have seen in your box on probably more than a few occasions– time to give those mustard greens a try!  A traditional Southern meal of greens, stewed tomatoes, rice, and cornbread is perfect for this time of year.

Reincarnated Tomatoes & No-Bite Mustard Greens

Week 19 Map: Farmers & Produce