This past Saturday if you happened to stop by the Market chances are you had a chance to sample something very different: a red bean & rice cake. The red bean & rice cake was a serendipitous accident that Ashley Locklear had while trying to perfect the original intention: a chilled red bean & rice salad. After preparing the beans and chopping all the other ingredients for the recipe the realization came when checking on the rice — too moist, too sticky, and in a city who is proud their rice cooking abilities this is a giant blunder. Instead of scrapping the whole recipe and the ingredients (what a waste!), the idea came to shape them into patties and serve with a Remoulade sauce. Necessity is truly the mother of invention or really a lack of money to recreate the whole thing and being wasteful.

So you can download the original recipe below which is for the red beans and rice salad, it includes at least 4 ingredients that were in your Buyers’ Club box. Just remember if your popcorn rice is little sticky after cooking save yourself some time and shape the concoction into patties and lightly coat a hot iron skillet with a few drops of oil then throw those little patties in until they create their own little crisp crust.

Recipe for Week 17:


Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 2.7.09