Maybe you’ve noticed that your rice smells, well,  a little different this week? That’s because this week your box contained Campbell Farms‘ delicious popcorn rice, which, true to name, smells like freshly popped popcorn! A few months back I made one of their recipes, that of popcorn rice pudding, which was incredibly tasty. Like many of you, I can’t stand the idea of putting whole eggs in my food (trying to keep my weight down!) and I have found that Campbell Farms’ recipes are just as good with egg whites, as they are with whole eggs. If dessert isn’t your thing, try the fried rice recipe below.  I recently made this recipe and added in some chopped portabella mushrooms, diced tomato, and Thai chili sauce. The nutty flavor of the rice really adds something special to a traditional, simple recipe.

Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 1.24.09

Recipe:  Campbell Farms’ Fried Popcorn Rice