November 2008

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we know our members are beginning to plan and prepare for their holiday meals. This week’s box features a variety of fruits and veggies that will certainly compliment any menu.  Ashley (our farmer coordinator and buyer) is sharing her favorite post-Thanksgiving breakfast meal. Her recipe is a fun alternative to using just reheating left-over sweet potatoes. The sweet potato pancakes served with a fresh grapefruit from L’Hoste Citrus are a perfect light holiday meal.

Check out the map below for information about this week’s farmers and their fruits & veggies in your box!

Map: Local Farmers and Their Produce for 11.22.08

Recipe: Maude’s Sweet Potato Pancakes!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the store site to get a produce box this Saturday! This weekend we tried a new method of distribution: members were invited to put together their own boxes or just pick up a pre-made box. Members who choose to put together their own boxes are able to exchange items they are not fond of.  If you’d like to try this method this coming weekend just let us know!

Many of you have asked what to do with the mirlitons in your box, and the staff have come up with a great recipe we hope you’ll enjoy! Below are this week’s map and a mirliton recipe perfect for Thanksgiving or any day. Enjoy!

Map: Local Farmers and their produce for 11.15.08

Recipe: Mirliton recipe for 11.15.08

This year, instead of giving your co-worker another fruit cake, or your neighbor yet another bottle of wine, why not give them the gift of fresh, local produce? Hollygrove Market & Farm will begin offering gift certificates, good for 1 (or however many you’d like!) fresh produce box. We will begin selling them this Saturday during distribution, so stop by and take a look! The cost of the certificates will be $25.00. The recipient can bring the certificate to any distribution day to receive their box, and the certificate never expires (unlike that stack of department store gift cards we’ve all got sitting around…) The certificates will come in an envelope with brochure explaining the Buyers’ Club at Hollygrove Market & Farm.

If you’d like to pre-order certificates please let me know at

It’s been a busy week at Hollygrove Market & Farm, and so many of you at distribution today commented on the amazing progress being made at the store site. Your participation in the Buyers’ Club has been an invaluable source of help in allowing us to begin projects sooner than expected, in addition to supporting local farms and farmers. Thank you!

This week’s recipes are some of my favorites—I have been cooking for years, but I am far from being skilled in any way, so if you are a novice cook they should be easy to follow. Please let me know what you think, and if you’ve got some good recipes of your own send them my way!


Map: Local farmers and their produce for 11.8.08

Recipes: Recipes for 11.8.08

The staff at Hollygrove Market & Farm have long been fans of Local Harvest, and we’ve decided to join the extensive database of local farms, farmer’s markets, and co-ops that the folks at Local Harvest have assembled for public use.

I often find myself in conversations with friends and strangers alike who tell me “I understand the benefits of eating locally, but I don’t know where or how to start,” and after duly promoting Hollygrove Market & Farm, I tell them about Local Harvest. Simply put in your zip code, state, or city and a list will appear of all the resources available to you.

Please visit our listing here: Hollygrove Market & Farm, and check out one of the best resources for eating locally on the internet!

Much of the nation may be saying goodbye to their growing season as we get closer to November, and ultimately winter. Lucky for us New Orleanians, farmers throughout Louisiana and southern Mississippi are getting ready for a very productive growing season.

This week your box will contain many fall favorites, including perfectly ripe citrus (satsumas and navel oranges) from Lester L’Hoste. Be on the lookout for beautiful Creole eggplants and fresh black-eyed peas in your box, as well.

We’ve decided to focus on saving more paper and will be posting the weekly recipes only on this site. If you’d like a paper copy, please request one from As always, please email your favorite recipes to us! Maps will continue to appear in your weekly boxes, however.


Map: Map for 11.1.08

Recipes: Recipes for 11.1.08